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Aimed at assisting our clients on the upkeep and operational improvement of their existing fleet, Heat Tech Power Solutions LLC has developed the capability to service any OEM-manufactured HRSGs, boilers and provide technical solutions to a wide range of performance, reliability and emission issues.
With the HRSG division of HTPS Technical Service Team to providing all aftermarket services around the world, and with more than 30 years experienced of our team member, it calls for the entire spectrum of skills and the most cutting-edge HRSG technology to keep these services running at peak condition at all times.
This is where our staff of experienced, professional engineers comes into the picture. Powered by the expertise to enhance any heat-transfer needed and complement any turn-key operation with the latest technology, we have been able to produce successful results for our clients, meeting their needs on time and within budget while supplying quality products.
This entire suite of services we provide reflects how our customer service and after-market divisions strive to uphold this philosophy.

Engineering Support and Project Management Services

Include turn-key capabilities, design of HRSG modifications, structural analysis, thermal stress analysis, circulation analysis, thermal-efficiency improvements, time-life studies, ROI studies, outage services and engineered solutions for any OEM-manufactured HRSGs, boilers.

Field Services

Our staff can provide on-site support services, remote troubleshooting and a host of other services that keep plants operating in the most challenging conditions. By participating in pre-delivery and constructability coordination meetings with erection contractors and customer representatives, we are able to minimize site construction time and costs. In addition, our field engineers are available to advise erection and plant personnel with regard to any aspect of field installations as may be required during the course of actual installation or during scheduled shutdowns / outage maintenance at the plant.
The frontline group of the after-market division and usually the first line of contact with our after-market customers, our Field Services group includes both service and construction engineers and all operational and system upgrade studies. The contracts under this group are based on man hours with no material supply component.
The field services offered by HTPS include complete HRSG inspections, failure analysis, corrosion / erosion analysis, emergency repair procedures, performance testing, metallurgy inspection, UT testing, borescope inspection, technical consultation and owner engineering services.

Inspection and Evaluation Services

As you plan your next outage or upgrade, let our experienced staff provide inspection and evaluation services for you. We can help identify potential problem areas before they result in costly downtime and the need for major repairs.
With the support of HTPS Technical Service team, we tap on a repository of experiences and accumulated knowledge pertaining to specific types of plants to develop a risk-based approach to be applied to the inspection and evaluation plans.
  • Visual inspection of the overall condition of HRSGs
  • Troubleshooting for HRSGs
  • Feasibility studies for HRSGs
  • CCPP / HRSG performance assessment
  • HRSG evaluations for turbine upgrades
  • Burner assessment
  • Noise / Acoustic evaluation
  • Tube sample analysis
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Inspection of components for cracking, failure, wear and tear
  • Identification of operational problems
  • Identification of Flow-Accelerated-Corrosion (FAC) problems
  • Inspection for vibration or expansion problems
  • Repair procedure recommendations
  • Identification of design and fabrication defects and inadequacies
  • Conclusion of specific inspection
    • Operation data review
    • Site inspection (Visual, NDE)
    • Metallurgical investigation
  • Calculation of remaining life cycle

Specialist NDT Capabilities

  • TOFD (Time-Of-Flight-Diffraction) ultrasonic testing
  • Phased array ultrasonic inspection
  • Austenitic UT
  • CHIME inspection for corrosion under support
  • Ultrasonic modeling
  • Superheater / Reheater tube life prediction (TLP)
  • Remote inspection with video probes, borescopes and crawlers
  • NDT outage management and audit – SIMD2
  • Third party accreditation


What We Inspect

  • Expansion joints
  • Ductwork
  • Insulation
  • Burners
  • Catalysts
  • Tube condition
  • Fin condition
  • Pipe support
  • Operating condition
  • Pipe penetration
  • Stacks
  • Drums
  • Risers
  • Deaerators
  • Feedwater systems
  • Valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Heat tracing
  • Outer casing “hot-spots”


Each inspection includes a detailed and comprehensive report identifying the items that require prompt attention.
  • Performance degradation
  • Operational analysis
  • Analysis of flow distribution problems and proposal of solutions according to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Cycling assessment and damage mitigation
  • Corrosion, erosion, FAC analysis
  • Repair / retrofit options
  • Failure analysis
  • Technical advice
  • Outage planning

Retrofit and Upgrade Capabilities

We live in a world where technology is always advancing. In this ever-evolving landscape, your current boiler system can benefit from a burner retrofit, control upgrade supplemental heat recovery equipment or fuel conversion which can all serve to increase efficiency or reduce emissions.
The retrofitting and upgrading method to be adopted should be decided based on the results of inspection and design review.
HTPS can evaluate your current boiler or HRSG unit and recommend the right upgrade or retrofit package for your system.
Some of the retrofitting services provided by HTPS include: -
  • Engineered improvements, modifications and solutions
  • Replacement of heat transfer surfaces and other pressure parts
  • Supply of piping systems, such as attemperators and drains
  • Repair and addition of burners
  • Retrofitting of leaking tubes
  • Upgrading and retrofitting of expansion bellows
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and CO system addition and replacement
  • Duct and HRSG casing and liner upgrades
  • Gas and acoustic baffle modifications
  • Performance efficiency improvements
  • Steam-quality improvements
  • Turn-key demolition and installation services

Empowering Clients Through Training

Based on our experience, many users of boiler / HRSG units have never been properly trained. To meet productivity targets and emissions regulations, it is crucial to operate and monitor the essential equipment in the right way every day. 
By conducting on-site personnel training seminars which can be tailored for specific site requirements and providing the services of technical personnel to assist our clients’ operations teams in unit start-up, we have been able to ensure that all operating procedures are properly and efficiently implemented.
Below are some of the training programs that can be provided on-site to suit our clients’ schedule:-
  • Thermal review of HRSGs
  • Codes / Pressure parts
  • Component engineering
  • Improvements
  • Life / Age analysis
  • Damage mechanisms
  • Water chemistry
  • Impact of operation
  • Formulating strategies
  • Preventive and reactive maintenance
  • Inspection techniques
  • Integrity tools

A Track Record that Speaks for Itself

From proposal to demobilization, Heat Tech Power Solutions LLC has worked synergistically with every client every stage along the way. We are known for our unparalleled efficiency and driven, dedicated teams that are always ready to deliver projects of excellent quality. Coupled with professional after-market staff that goes the extra mile to interact with clients’ site personnel and understand specific requirements, HTPS has always been able to complete all projects, from inception to A.I. review and inspection of the completed work, on time or ahead of schedule.